North of Tyne Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC)

Representing Supporting Developing Promoting Community Pharmacy

Our Purpose

The LPC exists to represent and support the Community Pharmacy Contractors in our area. We are recognised by the NHS Act, and have statutory powers and significant influence. How we work is defined by our constitution. 

Our People

The role of the LPC members exists to represent contractors, and make decisions on their behalf. 

Members should keep up to date with community pharmacy news and contractual changes, prepare for LPC meetings and contribute to discussions. The committee is constituted of 13 members with a membership mix depending on the proportionality of independents and multiples across the area and in accordance with the LPC constitution. 

Currently, there are 8 CCA members and 5 independent members.  

Our LPC Officers

From March 2020 the LPC will be electing officers to executive roles in the committee for the year ahead. 

Job descriptions to support those committee members interested in standing for these roles can be found by clicking below. 

In 2020-2021 there will be one LPC chair, two LPC vice chairs (one selected from CCA members of the committee and one from independent committee members) and a treasurer.  

LPC Chair
LPC Vice Chair
LPC treasurer

Our Priorities

Our Priorities are Representing, Supporting, Developing and Promoting Community Pharmacy. 
Find out more by reading our Vision document.

Our Plan

We have a plan to make it all happen. 

Our Committee Meetings

Date: Wednesday 19th August

Time: 19:00-20:00

Location: Zoom

If you'd like to attend, observe or present something at our meeting, contact us

Latest Approved Minutes

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