Northumberland Local Pharmacy Services

Details of the  local services that are commissioned from Community Pharmacy by Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group, Northumbia Health Trust, Northumberland Local Authority and third party providers are shown below.

Some services may not be commissioned from or available from all pharmacies

Emergency Hormonal Contraception and Chlamydia/GC screening service
Northumbria Healthcare Trust

The purpose of this service is to ensure equitable and timely access to emergency hormonal contraception. The service will also provide Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea screening (15- 24yrs) and C Card from the community pharmacy. The purpose of this service is also to ensure referrals are made to sexual health services for ongoing contraception and further advice (imperative for all under 16 year olds)f opiate substitute medicines

Service details and funding - EHC and Chlamydia

Think Pharmacy First - PSNE

The Minor Aliment Scheme, available through community pharmacies, provides the patients accessing pharmacy with advice and access to medicines where appropriate, supporting integration of the urgent care system and self-care.

Equitable access to Minor Aliment Scheme will meet the needs of a diverse population ensuring that inequalities are addressed across Northumberland

Service details and funding - Think Pharmacy First

Needle Exchange- Northumberland Council

To ensure that people who inject drugs within Northumberland have access to needle exchange facilities across the county.  

There are a number of health and social harms associated with illicit drug misuse.  Community based needle exchange and associated harm reduction initiatives are an important element of a wider approach aimed at reducing and preventing the spread of blood borne viruses and other drug related health harms and reducing drug related deaths.

Service details and funding - Needle Exchange 20-21

Nicotine Replacement Therapy- Northumberland Council

Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease in England, and is one of the most significant factors that impact on health inequalities and ill health,              particularly cancer, coronary heart disease and respiratory disease. 
Reducing smoking prevalence therefore remains a key public health priority in reducing health inequalities and improving health among local populations.

Service details and fundingNRT 20-21

Pharmacy Intermediate Stop Smoking Service - Northumberland Council

To ensure patients who are smokers have an accessible treatment service to help them to stop smoking. 
This pharmacy-based service will help to increase choice and improve access to NHS Stop Smoking Services, especially for ‘hard to reach’ groups, such as pregnant women and young people. It will contribute to local public health and tobacco control strategies, which have a commitment to reduce smoking and contribute to the targets measured by the number of smokers who stop. 

Service details and funding - Stop Smoking 20-21

​Supervised Consumption - Northumberland Council

To ensure that service users in structured community based drug treatment in Northumberland have access to supervised opioid substitute treatment from community pharmacies covering access across the county.

Service details and fundingSupervised Consumption 20-21

SharpEnd - PSNE

          Pharmacies will issue 1 litre sharps containers (purchased from their usual wholesaler) to patients receiving prescriptions for non cytotoxic parenteral, self-administered medication and appliances for point of care testing if required. Pharmacy staff will explain to patients the importance of using a safe disposal method for sharps, the operation of the service and the safe use of the sharps box. NB. This service is not intended for substance misuse.