NoT PCN Lead Resources

We recommend that all community pharmacy leads access the PSNC website for the most up to date information.

Carolyn and the NoT Team will post local resources on this page to support our PCN leads.

Distance learning module

NoT LPC commissioned the below online distance learning module training materials to support our PCN Leads.

Distance Learning Module


Training Guide

N-Tyne LPC Training Materials.docx

Follow up training - interactive modules

Module 1: Understanding your role as PCN Pharmacy Lead Representative

Module 2: Improving Engagement & Communication in the PCN



Dates of PCN Lead meetings

NoT LPC hosts bimonthly PCN lead meetings on Wednesday evenings. 

Date of next meeting

Wednesday 26th May 2021  7-8pm via Zoom

PCN Lead - GP CPCS notes


GP CPCS - details will be updated shortly

PCN Lead - useful webinar links

Webinar links

Electronic Repeat Dispensing eRD Webinars

Links to the GP webinars 1, 2 and 3:


PCPA Webinar: “PCN Community Lead- Engagement and Support


GP Team PCN information